Thursday, July 28, 2016

Vietnam traveling in my eyes - Not only a slashing war, but also a worth living place

Did you surely watch many great sights with featured things from other lands on movie, on your iPad, in your school? Maybe you had seen Vietnam, many times. In people's mind and historical books, Vietnam appears as a humanity's slashing battle with its war. But I really want to advise you: Forget it! Forget that obsolete war. It's the most desirable destinations of tourists today.
Easily to describe Vietnam step by step, It lies vertically from North down to South, with a long beautiful beach. In my view, that is a lucky country. No many countries in Asia have enough all seasons and type of weather, geography like Vietnam, and you can find familiar things but new fresh here. I can introduce traveling famous places which I have been there in my journey in Vietnam. Travel Vietnam is the greatest experiences in my nomad life. It's really become my 2nd home.

Sapa is the first. If one is looking for a unique place that cannot be found anywhere else in Vietnam, Sapa is just the right choice. Though Vietnam is known for its beach landscape with luxury resort, the mountainous area is no less charming. In middle of winter, Sapa is cold, and snow come down here (imagine there is snow in a South East Asia tropical country).
Resides at an elevation of 1,600 meters above the sea level, Sapa is a mountainous district in the northwest of Vietnam, located about 38 km from Lao Cai City and 376 km from Ha Noi – the capital city of Vietnam.
Sapa is not a place to look at on pictures – once you come, you will see how reality is even more picturesque than the polished photos.
There is Vietnam's highest moutain near Sapa name Fansipan - the roof of Indochina, it's 5km as the crow flies from Sapa but an arduous three-to five day round trip on foot.
Terraced field
Terraced field in Sapa

Homestay in Sapa
Next place is the thousand years capital of Vietnam: Hanoi. Vietnam's capital is speeding up to make up for time lost to the ravages of war and a government that as recently as the 1990s kept the outside world at bay. Its streets is full with scooters and motorbikes amid the din of horn sound, and all around layers of history reveal periods of French and Chinese occupation in the past. It's interesting if you can have Hanoi city tour one day on a scooter or bike.
hanoi motorbike tour
Travel Hanoi by scooter
Pass the original streets of the Old Quarter (Pho Co), observe real farmers from countryside's selling their fresh fruits and wares, while city folk breakfast on noodles, practise Tai Chi at dawn on the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake, or play chess with goateed grandfathers.

Ha Long Bay (or Halong Bay), in northeast Vietnam, is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests. Sea kayak tour expeditions take visitors past islands named for their shapes. The region draws scuba divers, rock climbers and hikers, the latter favoring mountainous Cat Ba National Park. Specially, cruise is a best way to see sights and have attractive activities. When you want a Vietnam Cruise tour, there is only best choice is cruise in Ha Long Bay.
Kayaking in Halong Bay
sung sot cave
In Sung Sot Cave, Ha Long
Ha Long Bay (Descending Dragon Bay) is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Vietnam’s most popular places to visit. Ha Long Bay covers an area of 1,500 km2, including 1,960 limestone islets and karsts which rise majestically out of the emerald blue waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Hue is the old capital of Vietnam under Nguyen dynasty. With a Hue city tour, you can feel Hue is romantic and tranquil, this deeply evocative capital of the Nguyen emperors still resonates with the glories of imperial Vietnam, even though many of its buildings were destroyed during the Vietnam War. Hue owes its charm partly to its location on the Perfume River – picturesque on a clear day, atmospheric even in less flattering weather. Today the city blends new and old as sleek modern hotels tower over crumbling century-old Citadel walls.
hue citadel
Gate of Hue Citadel
The major economic center in central Vietnam: Da Nang. Da Nang is Vietnam’s third largest city, with population of around one millions. Stroll along the Han riverfront and you'll find gleaming new modernist hotels, and apartments and restaurants are emerging. In the past, Da Nang was where the Sahuynh culture flourished during the Iron Age, over 3,000 years ago. The Cham museum in Danang houses the world’s largest and finest collection of the Cham sculpture, with over 300 sandstone pieces exhibited in a building constructed in 1915. Da Nang has a beautiful and natural beach, it means you can visit beach without noise from the crowd.
There is a famous ancient town near Da Nang, It's Hoian. Hoian is the important port connect Vietnam with outside world in feudal era.
my khe beach
My Khe beach in Da Nang
hoi an
Visit Hoi An on boat
Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC) or the old name is Saigon, the center the South of Vietnam. This is the most active city. HCMC is always hot, there is not winter here. You will be thirsty very fast and feel tired under sunshine, that's why Saigonese like ice tea and sweet dishes. Voice and taste dishes is the difference points compare Saigonese with Hanoian.
The ghosts of the past witnessed a city in turmoil, but now the real beauty of the former Saigon’s urban collage is the seamless blending of these two worlds into one exciting mass.
ben thanh market
Ben Thanh Market at HCMC
There are a lot of other places, you will know about them in my other posts. I have a very important experience when travel in Vietnam. If you have any problem or question, don't hesitate to ask Vietnamese people or travel agents. Vietnamese people is very friendly and kindly, you can have a good support from them.
Things are very cheap (beer, food,...). Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular will be the place I want to stay long time.
See you in next post!