Friday, August 5, 2016

Beauty of 3 Miss Ocean Vietnam and get luck when book a Halong Bay tour

Vietnam is located between South East Asia and East Asia. This land is like a key connecting two regions. The intersection of cultures and races, Vietnam has features of both of regions. That's why you can find white skin, tenderness of East and the wild, mystic of South East in Vietnamese women. When you travel Vietnam, don't forget look at the Vietnamese girls. Far East beauty's always make you stun.

Halong Bay - Place for Vietnam beauty pageants

Vietnam have many beauty contests yearly, and many Vietnamese girls have attended Miss World recent years and won many rewards. You can see them on TV or Internet. But the fact is: There are many kind of contests, it means there are many winners. There are other beauties in Vietnam not only the girl in Miss World show. And Miss Ocean Vietnam is one Vietnamese beauty contest which many people love so much.
The winner in Miss Ocean Vietnam will be friendly ambassador for natural environment and travel for Vietnam and maybe prepare for Miss Ocean World or Miss World. Most of Beauty pageants is organise at Halong Bay, on the luxury cruises and beachs. If you are lucky, travel Vietnam at the time there is a Vietnamese beauty contest, don't hesitate, join a Halong Bay tour to have opportunity view real beautiful Vietnamese girls.
There are 3 Miss Ocean Vietnam who are voted most beautiful in recent years:

1. Nguyen Thi Loan - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2010
She has the sexiest body in all of Miss Ocean Vietnam. Nguyen Thi Loan is a girl come from village in Thai Binh province, North Vietnam. She has attend more Miss Ethnic Vietnam 2013. You'll be stunned when see her. Maybe join a tour to Thai Binh when have Vietnam tour with hope to meet her is good idea, right?

Nguyen Thi Loan - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2010 with Halong Bay tour

2. Dang Thu Thao - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2015
White skin, beautiful and elegant are the words they said about Dang Thu Thao. The winner in Vietnam beauty pageant 2015, young girl with black eyes color from Bac Lieu province usually appears in white clothing. But she is so sexy, too.

Dang Thu Thao - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2015 with Halong Bay tour

3. Pham Thuy Trang - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2016
Youth is advantage of Pham Thuy Trang, She is a student, she love emerald water and want to visit Descending Dragon land once, she register attend Miss Ocean Vietnam 2016 to have a Halong Bay tour once in her life, and maybe her passion help her become winner.

Pham Thuy Trang - Miss Ocean Vietnam 2016 with Halong bay tour

If you are beauty lover, specially natural beauty, Vietnam is the best choice. Travel Vietnam in general or book Halong bay tour in particular to try your luck.

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