Monday, August 8, 2016

Play Pokemon Go when travel Vietnam

People all around the world are crazy with Pokemon Go of Niantic. This virtual reality game is the game allows people find, use pocketball to catch and practise pokemons from real map base on their location. This game make people feel pokemon catching is very real, and they must move to find another one. Especially, pokemons appear depend on environment. You can easily catch a vegetal pokemon when you walk slowly in a park, or aqua one when you stand on bank river. Vietnam is one of countries can play Pokemon Go officially, and that's so great if you can travel Vietnam and catch dozens of pokemon. It's mean you can go along Vietnam from North to South to visit many places and catch every pokemon you like.

pokemon go vietnam
Catch Pokemon in Vietnam

There are many famous places in your Vietnam tour to visit and help pokemon-trainer find. With wifi or data mobile, you can play on terraced field of Sapa, in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, on a Vietnam cruise or caves when you travel Halong Bay. Play Pokemon Go when travel Vietnam is easily, but remember, don't stick your eyes to screen when you're passing a road or break suddenly into policestation and forbidden ground.

vietnam travel map
Vietnam travel map

And don't use cheat or hack game. It will make game more boring when you don't have any challenge to pass and influence another.
Now, take your backpacker and let's go to catch them all!

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