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Talk about personal life and Hanoi tourism with Miss Hanoi Tourism 2012 - Duong Thi Ha Giang

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Duong Thi Ha Giang is one of great Vietnamese girls. The student girl of Diplomatic Academy has an impressive height compare with Vietnamese's normal: 1,77m (5.8 feets). We have a private talking with her about her life and Hanoi tourism, which she delegated after she become winner of Miss Hanoi Tourism 2012.

hanoi tourism
Duong Thi Ha Giang in bikini round of Miss Hanoi Tourism 2012

Adventure Indochina Travel: Hi Giang, you were the winner of Miss Hanoi Tourism 2012, can you share your feeling at that time?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: I was really surprised. Actually I had stood in top 5 already, but my heart had been beaten stronger when I heard my name was announced.

Adventure Indochina Travel: What is changed in your life after beauty pageant.

Duong Thi Ha Giang: Workload is increased doubly and I have more friends. It's a new challenge but is a new joy, too.

hanoi tourism
Duong Thi Ha Giang is so sexy with red bikini

Adventure Indochina Travel: Why did you decide attend Miss Hanoi Tourism, Giang?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: There are many beauty pageants with their own meaning. For exam: Miss Oil, Miss Auto Pro, etc. Every pageant is the place for people express themselves but Miss Tourism is pageant for promoting Hanoi tourism and encouraging people to travel Vietnam, showing a Hanoi harmonize between ancient and modern features and honoring beauty of Hanoian girl in new age. I saw Miss Travel was suitable for a Diplomatic Academy student. Besides, I've been interested in tourism activities, especially Hanoi tourism.

hanoi tourism
Miss Hanoi Tourism 2012 - Duong Thi Ha Giang

Adventure Indochina Travel: Has this contest leave deep and memorable thing in you?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: I had memories throughout the journey of the contest. The deepest impression activity was a visit the chidren in Vung Vieng fishing village. The little scrawny body of the children made me thinked of my sometime wretched childhood. They had the cute smiles. It made me and the others feel this contest had more meaningful and I wanted to have more sense of responsibility to community.

Adventure Indochina Travel: Did you have any trouble in the contest?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: Yes, certainly. I had some trouble with health, schedule in school and exams, etc. There were times I wanted to give up, but my friends and teachers'd encouraged me so I could step to the final round.

Adventure Indochina Travel: What was the most useful thing that you had learned from this contest?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: This contest's helped me have more knowledges and experiences. I've had more new friends, and meet other situations. I've reduced 3 kg, idle time and become stronger.

hanoi destination
Ngoc Son Temple

hanoi destination
One Pillar Pagoda

Adventure Indochina Travel: Can you share some missions you will perform after you crowned?

Duong Thi Ha Giang: I will take 19 album photos at beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions in Hanoi. If there are any promotional activities of Hanoi tourism in particular and Vietnam tourism in general, I'm pleased to join. Hanoi tourism is always special period when you travel Vietnam. I wish people in all around the world will know about Vietnam and Hanoi tourism with image of friendly and hospitality Vietnamese and Hanoian.

Adventure Indochina Travel: Thanks Giang for your sharing. Wish you're always successful on your way.

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