Thursday, August 18, 2016

Why does Pho Vietnam stand on top of world meals

A proud thing is Pho Vietnam's topped in list of 40 must try foods on the world.

Business Insider've just proposed list of 40 tasty foods on the world that we must try least once in our life. The pride is Pho (the Vietnamese noodle soup) topped this list.

It's not suprising when Pho was voted number 1 food by a foreign site. Behind every bowl of Pho is delicious spices and ingredients, even attractive traditional secret.

A traditional Pho in North Vietnam

Pho is the signature dish in traditional culinary of Vietnamese people. Pho appears everywhere, from rural roads to urban lanes, street food stalls, local shops to luxury restaurants and even from street vendors. People eat Pho as breakfast or lunch, dinner or supper but never feel bored by Vietnamese noodle soup contains special taste nobody want to leave.

Don't know the time exactly since Pho was made, just know, some supposes pointed out that the first appearance of Pho was in Nam Dinh province, but Hanoi is the place had made this folk dish became famous. Some other supposes recognized Pho is a typical Hanoian cuisine. Pho not only makes Vietnamese interested, foreigners also are interested in Pho as tasty foods they enjoy daily.

A Pho stall

People love Pho because the delicious broth combine with quintessential ingredients. Pho's smell is so characteristic that anyone who'd enjoyed it would be unforgettable. Chewy, soft, whitish, small thread noodles were absorbed by water. The success of cook is making all of the ingredients blended together. Tasting one of them, people can imagine how fresh is the rest.

In summer or winter, in the cool of autumn of  August or warm sunshine of spring, people are able to eat Pho. Every season or everytime in day, Pho eating always created the exciting feature. The distinctive flavor that only Pho enthusiasts can feel.

A foreign diner tastes Pho

Although people know how to cook Pho but not everyone can cook deliciously. The broth is most important. It is cooked from beef bones broth. Meat for Pho can be beef, chicken. Thread noodles must be thin, soft and chewy. Spices and ingredients are scallions, pepper, vinegar, sliced lemon. Delicious taste of broth is decided mainly from spices. However, the formula of each type of broth used in each Pho stall is kept secret.

Pho is the pride of Vietnamese cuisine. Many Vietnamese people live in abroad, they also bring this pride to foreign diners. Viet Pho shops are no longer strange in foreign countries.

(Travel Vietnam)

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